Since 1989, the Pay Per Transaction® (PPT®) distribution system has provided video retailers with monthly access to a wide selection of box office hits, independent releases and foreign films from the industry’s leading suppliers. Under this arrangement, retailers can acquire new movies for a fraction of the cost of using a wholesale distributor, and stock a larger variety and quantity of titles, all within their existing budget, giving PPT video retailers a competitive edge over other rental sources like kiosks, streaming services or by-mail subscriptions.


PPT enables participating video retailers to have new release movies delivered right to their store for a low, one-time cost. Typically $0.00 to $1.50.

Movie rental revenue is shared between the retailer and the studio or supplier that distributed the movie.

After 28 to 31 days, retailers can begin selling units as "Previously-Viewed" inventory. PPT retailers are able to significantly grow their P.V. revenue.

Once the 6-month lease term has concluded, retailers can either buy the remaining units at a fraction of the retail cost or return them.

Under the PPT arrangement, retailers can expect to pay between $8 and $12 total per unit.